Links to Published Poems
Crow in Variations-Poem
Crow in Variations-Podcast of Diane reading her poem
Viewless Wings
February 2024
Two Poems: Dem Dare Blues
& Dulcimer's Broken Strings-Restrung
The Arlington Literary Journal
Issue 85, September 15, 2023

Wildflowers in Japanese Forms click here
Tiny Seed Literary Journal
Wildflower Anthology Poem, July 2023
I dreamt you, swallowtail pg. 44
Shift of Time pg. 45, click here to read poems
Valley Voices: A Literary Review, Volume 23 Number 1,
Spring 2023, Goodbye: A Special Issue

April 26, 2023 - Three Blues Poems
Burning Blue
Morning Glory Blues
Divorce Blues
Oddball Magazine
Mercury Grand Marquis
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Spring 2021
Spring 2023, Six Poems
Rose-like Tattoo
Downy Woodpecker
2022 - Three Poems: My lover's blues
The wall behind me breathing
A hobo's wandering wind song
COLD MOON SPEAKS, click here to read poem
The Green Shoe Sanctuary
May 2022 Issue, Moonshine
Barebones, click here to read poem
The Northern Virginia Review
Volume 35, Spring 2022 - Page 123
Moon Songs - Five Katautas - No. 2123
Scattered like seeds
Directional Flow, click here to read poem
Brushfire Literature & Arts Journal
Edition 73, Volume 1 - Pages 39-41
Suite for Iris, Three poems, click here
Contributor Spotlight:Diane Sahms-Guarnieri
Dinner, click here to read & listen
to the audio recording of this poem, 10/29/21
May Day, 5/1/2020, click here
Photo: Michael Ciaglo / Getty Images News via Getty Images / Special Report - 24/7 Wall St
Thorns & Roses, A Baseball Poem
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City of Shadow:Three Poems, click here to read poems
Heroin, Danny, & Mildred and Lucy Mae
a literary arts nonprofit & e-journal
Issue 5, Volume 1
Three "Iris" Poems, click here to read poems
Three "COVID-19" Poems, click here to read poems
Poetry and Covid
UK Arts & Humanities Council
University of Plymouth, &
Nottingham Trent University
4/17/2020, Tonight, I bid them all a crowned farewell
Click here to read poem
3 Poems:Three Doors Down, One-Armed Bandit, Hot Rod McGurk
Available at Amazon
Worm Moon, click here
Sing Me Ruby Red, page 71
Fall 2019, Issue 1, click here to read poem
Iris observes a sparrow at the apex and remembers, click here
Under the Eaves, click here
JONAH Magazine
Shoes, click here
COFFIN BELL, Volume 3, Issue No. 3
a journal of dark literature
Rose-breasted Grosbeak, click here
The Plum Tree Tavern
Monarch, click here
Photo by Diane Sahms
TINY SEED JOURNAL - Pollinator Project
November 2019, Issue 31: Three Poems
Home, Urban Garden, a love poem, & Weil-McLain Heater, click here
7/16/2020, Fruitless
Fruits of our Quarantine Anthology
Available at Amazon
Available at Amazon
Crossover:Triolet, Issue 5 dated 30 July 2018, click here
Spider's Song, Issue 1 dated 8 January 2018, click here
Help the Pangolins! All 8 species are classified
as threatened with extinction while 2 of the species
are classified as critically endangered
Faces of the Moon over Philadelphia, click here
Christ Church, click here
Detached from the body of wind, click here
As if spring’s floral music is poetry of air, click here
Nominated for a Pushcart
The Indiana Voice Journal
Let Memories Awaken (for Peggy)
Nominated for a Pushcart, click here
Blue Heron Review
Dark-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis)
Published at Canary- Winter Solstice 2017-18
Unto the Heavens these Canada Geese
Published at Canary -Fall 2017
Support THE A3 REVIEW - The Silver Issue 7
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If war is a headless body, click here
The New Verse News
Sycamores, click here
Modern Day Flossie, click here
Two Stones, click here
Honeysuckles (for my sisters)
Whispers of Sacred Dusk
Four Poems: He is Lonely Energy; Into the Fountain
Reflection; City Song Sparrow, Unnoticed
after making love we sit by the lake
Skinny Dipping
The Camel Saloon Poetry
Four Poems: Sunset; Kindness of Strangers;
Gardner; of burgundy roses
She was the other woman
Dead Snakes
Daisy (Must click on clock)
Frank Wilson on the poem Another Shirley Temple books,INQ. Blog
"and so across winter's way" (must scroll down)
Blast Furnace
An excerpt of the poem, Pennsylvania is now available online
Also an excerpt of the poem,
If against April’s bluest backdrop, each tree a "living sculpture"
is also available at this link
To read the entire poems please visit
No. 15, Volume 4, Issue 3
Carolyn from Ship Bottom (must scroll down to page 17)
“Absence” Wins Working People’s Poetry Competition, 2015
(scroll down to pages 18 & 19)
Partisan Press
Summer 2014 Issue
Machines, Machines, Monstrous Machines, Pages 52-3
link not available